DICOM Training

DICOM Basics Training
Cource Benefits :
  • Attendees learn key DICOM concepts and vocabulary to send images, print, query/retrieve, media storage, modality work list, Structure Reporting and more. Attendees also learn how to read a DICOM Conformance Statement and are provided an overview of IHE. See Agenda for details.
Who should Attend :
Anyone who needs to learn about DICOM. DICOM Basics is applicable to all, such as:
  • Developers, field service, validators, system integrators
  • Marketing, product managers, sales
  • PACS administrators, bio-medical, in-house hospital service
  • Others...
How to Read DICOM Conformance Statements
  • DICOM Plug and Play
  • SCU/SCP SOP Class tables
  • Exercise – Comparing Conformance Statements
  • Review real vendor conformance statements

DICOM Advanced Training

DICOM In-Depth (2 day)

Cource Benefits :
  • This popular DICOM course is a two-day seminar providing detailed knowledge of the DICOM Standard. This seminar builds upon the key concepts and terms learned in DICOM Basics by covering DICOM encoding structure, compression, how to read Information Objects, rules to build DICOM messages and more... Included are in-depth details about how DICOM solves integration problems such as: sending/receiving images, query/retrieve, modality work list (HIS/RIS integration), printing, structured reporting and more. Attendees learn the questions to ask when dealing with DICOM, plus real world implementation issues and solutions.
  • Send mail to get the details on Agenda.
Who should Attend :
Anyone who needs to learn in-depth DICOM details, such as:
  • Developers, field service, validators, system integrators
  • PACS administrators, bio-medical, in-house hospital services
  • Others...
Prerequisite: DICOM Basics course or equivalent knowledge

HL7 Training

Introduction to HL7
  • Course Agenda
  • Brief HL7 History
  • What are all the HL7 Applications
HL7 Key Terms and Concepts
  • Triggers
  • HL7 a Push Model
  • Events and Messages
  • Segments and Elements
  • HL7 Message Construction Rules
  • Message Segment Header (MSH)
  • Event Description
  • Segment Table Headings
  • Build an HL7 Message using the Standard
How HL7 Devices Communicate
  • Network TCP/IP
  • RS232
  • Interface Engines

IHE Training

Overview of Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise (IHE)
  • Initiative of RSNA and HIMSS
  • Goals and Objectives
  • How to integrate with IHE – Integration Profiles

HIPAA Training

HIPAA Awareness Training for Healthcare Providers
  • Transactions, Code Sets, and Identifiers.
  • Privacy
  • Security
  • ARRA/HITECH Act and Omnibus Rule
  • Implementation
HIPAA Security Training :
  • HIPAA Security Rule Overview
  • Administrative Safeguards
  • Physical Safeguards
  • Technical Safeguards
  • Implementation